Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ones who have impressed

The following players have caught the eye this season so far. Personal list based on games and players I have seen and are in no particular order.

M Yasir - Persija
Kurnia Mega - Arema
Siswanto - Persema
Atep - Persib
Eka Ramdani - Persib
Suchao Nutnum - Persib
Yongki Aribowo - Persik
Pipat Thonkaya - Persisam
Hilton Moreira - Persib
John Tarkpor - Persebaya
Andi Odang - Persebaya
Pierre Njanka - Arema
Arif Suyono - Sriwijaya
Gusnul Yuli - Persik

well no centrebacks i see..
How about Futsal? I'll go to Indonesia with my Cambodian team.

I will add Boaz and Ferry Setiawan from persiba.

boas was injured ad missed bits of the season. persiba are rarely on tv so not seen much of ferry...anyway he was on peanuts in semarang last year hence dave bigging him up!
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my contact details can be found at the bottom of the links on the main page of jakarta casual

Boaz just scored again today, btw the new pitch in mandala stadium is awesome, its really neat
I will add beto and zah rahan
i agree that beto is a very good player but his attitude at times leaves something to be desired

zah rahan has been looking good recently as well
Ohh..I miss sutchao...btw what about Isnaini from PSPS, in Top Skor newspaper he was the best striker in first season.
he s scoring goals all right but not seen much of psps this season

one time i did see them they were poor
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