Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Another dead football fan

Yesterday's overcrowding at Brawijaya Stadium during the Persik v Persib match saw a Persik fan crushed to death.

A number of questions go spinning through my mind.

1 - Who allowed the stadium to be oversold?
2 - Where were the security officials?

Of course last month a Persebaya fell to his death after falling off a train and there have been, unfortunately, countless other deaths of young lads on their to or from football. And nothing gets done.

Let's look at the first question. Who knows? Certainly at a recent Persebaya game the stadium was filled to over flowing, fans outside went on the rampage. They did at a Persija game as well. But in Soreang the police allowed Persebaya fans into the stadium rather than have them roam the streets.

Brawijaya Stadium holds 15,000 fans. I have never been there so have no idea whether or not the overcrowding could have been preventable but what do the security people do on such occassions? Risk a riot outside or overcrowding inside?

Like I've said before, all ticket matches are not yet an option here.

Indonesia is notorious for its reluctance to queue yet that is slowly changing. People do now queue at ATM machines and when they check in at airports. But them folk ain't the football demographic.

The fact is, if some kid dies at a football match no one really gives a shit. There were a couple of suicides at shopping malls in Jakarta recently and they took up the headlines with them dreaded psychiatrists crawling out the woodwork and even counselling offered for them poor middle class tossers who had their shopping so violently interuppted by plummeting people.

But the lads at the football are I guess considered expendable. They are allowed, by society, to overcrowd trains and stadiums and they are left, by society, to face the consequences of society's apathy.

shockingly, indonesians always thought on every disaster, that it was actually the true birth control that i know this, because i'm indonesians...
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