Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sriwijaya v Persik

Great first half with Arif Suyono, showing the kind of form that had him called up by Indonesia a couple of years back, impressive down the right for Sriwijaya, combining well with the full back Christian Worabay.

End to end stuff with Sriwijaya having plenty of chances but Persik, with Yongky Aribowo looking sharp, not out of it by any means and even Precious Emuerjeraye having a shot. Which still hasn't come down.

Big man Keith Kayamba Gumbs has been pushed wide and has been dropping deep often enough but has been effective throughout. Indeed it was his pull back from the deadball line that was turned home by the impressive Rahmat Rivai to give the home team the lead.

Patricio Morales equalised for Persik with a penalty about five minutes before half time.

Second half was more of the same but in one direction as Sriwijaya laid seige to the Persik goal. Chance followed chance with Obiora the biggest culprit. Perhaps it was over confidence, perhaps it was too much time but the Nigerian chose wrong each time.

Arif Suyono was replaced by Mostapha Aji for the last 8 minutes which was a surprise considering Suyono was the best player on the field.

If this game was a movie the lead would be played by Errol Flynn.

Finally a word about Herman Batak in the Persik goal. On a couple of occasions he rolled round theatrically like he had been shot when plainly no one had touched him. The ref each time allowed him to get treatment. In fact the ref should be the one getting treatment for falling for Batak's antics.

The keeper should be charged for bringing the game into disrepute. At the end of such an important game emotions are always going to be high and with Sriwjaya full back Christian Worabay the mercury doesn't need much to burst.

Refs are quick to complain that players don't understand the rules of the game. That's an argument that works both ways. They may, usually, know the rules but that doesn't mean they know how to play the game.

It's like the old Jasper Carrot sketch about his mother in law who knew the Highway Code inside out. She just couldn't drive to save her life.

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