Monday, January 25, 2010


Persisam target striker

Despite heavy investment pre season Persisam Samarinda have struggled to make an impact in the ISL and are looking for a new striker. Thai international Pipat Thonkaya has come in and done a reasonable job but has lacked a reliable partner.

Zaenal Arief, last season with Persib, has not performed while while Danilo Fernando looks like his best days are behind me. Defender Hamka Hamza has been pushed up front and scored a few but that is never going to be a long term solution.

Thai striker Sompong Soleb was I understand a target but his team Thai Port demanded a transfer fee for their new signing and that is a road Persisam don't want to go down.

The Borneo Eagles may have better league with a Korean. With Super Reds not being allowed to kick a ball in Singapore, some of their players are trying their luck in Indonesia with one guy trying out for Persisam a couple of days back.

Options in the immediate region are obviously limited with players in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam preparing for new seasons.

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