Saturday, January 30, 2010


Persis appoint new coach

Persis Solo, in the Indonesia Premier League Group 2, have appointed Isman Jasulmei as their new coach. Previously Isman had spent many years working as Assistant Coach with Persija, most recently under Danurwindo and Sergei Dubrovin, but has always expressed an interest in being his own man. Now's his chance.

Another familiar face has rolled in at the Manahan Stadium in Solo. He is Charles Uchenna, a Nigerian centre back/sweeper who I interviewed for my (not quite) best selling book 2007 - A Year in Indonesian Football.

Funny thing yesterday as I was watching the game. The commentators kept describing the Persis centre forward as Chena, Chena and I was thinking they meant Gustavo Chena, formerly of PSMS and Deltras. but they were actually saying Uchenna! Doh! And the guy they were referring to as Unchenna was most certainly not Nigerian!

Tickled me anyway...

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