Saturday, January 23, 2010


Persebaya fans invade Bandung

A local TV channel has just been reporting on Persebaya fans trail of destruction ahead of tonight's game with Persib.

Trains heading east to west have been trashed as what appears to be thousands of fans have been making a beeline for tonight's game at the Jalak Harupat Stadium and it appears that police have allowed visiting supporters to enter the stadium without tickets. The alternative is they riot outside the stadium.

Dozens of fans, known as Bonek, sat on carriage roofs as they rattled through the night to support their team and they recieved a warm welcome in many towns as locals let them know how they felt with a barrage of rocks and bottles aimed at the overflowing trains.

Be sure tonight's game is going to have some atmosphere and there is a high risk of something kicking off. The stadium is reached by one road out of Bandung; an accident waiting to happen.

Catch videos on Metro TV News as this story will unfold over the next few hours with the game kicking off in an hour's time.

All the things going on in the world and the media is in thrall to a bunch of football fans following their team!

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