Thursday, January 21, 2010


Going down

We're nearly at the half way point in the Indonesia Super League so as good a time as any to see which clubs have squaky bums at the moment. Three are guaranteed to be relegated while one other will have to go into a play off with a side from the Premier League.

15 - PSPS 14 4 4 6 13-17 16 LLWDL
16 - PSM 15 4 4 7 10-21 16 LLWDL
17 - Persitara 13 3 2 9 11 LWLWD
18 - Pelita Jaya 14 1 6 7 8-18 9 LDDDW

You don't need a crystal ball to see which team faces the biggest up hill challenge in the second half of the season. Pelita Jaya have mullered teams during the season but they lack a goalscorer. And even when they do put the ball in the net match officials blank them for no real reason like their last game against Persitara when they two goals wiped off.

All Fandi Ahmad has to do is to find a regular goalscorer and we all know how easy that is. Their top scorer from last season, Cristian Lopes, was allowed to sign for Premier League side PSIS while his replacements, including a Jordanian, Al Tali, have not proved their worth.

Pelita Jaya have something about them and given a fairer rub of the green in the second half, and given a new striker, should get themelves out of the drop zone.

It's hard to be so optimistic about Persitara. In the second half of last season they played some of the best football in the country prompted by a midfield of John Tarkpor and Esiah Benson. They have gone and no one has come in. Prince Bello Kabir is big and strong up front but lacks pace and lacks a reliable partner.

Persitara should be dead certs for the drop but I wouldn't be surprised if they stay up somehow.

PSM are one of the biggest clubs in the country but have fallen on hard times in recent years. Some of the current imports have left a lot to be desired and four home wins is all that's saving them from humiliation at the moment. Five away games have all been lost and they have yet to score on their travels. next up they face Arema and Persema in Malang. Grim times indeed for the Makassar men.

PSPS are currently the only newly promoted team in the drop zone, albeit the play off. Their coach has been touted for the Indonesian position when Benny Dollo finally steps down so take that how you will.

They have managed a couple of good results, drawing away to Persiwa is no mean achievement, but take out their striker Herman Epandi and they struggle which is a good enough cliche to end my comments about them 'cos I don't know too much about them anyway.

Other clubs reliant on strong home form include Bontang and Persisam who are in the danger zone. And that is despite Persisam collecting eight points from their last four games, their best run of the season. Which rather proves the first sentence of this paragraph, dunnit?

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