Sunday, January 24, 2010


Football on TV

Ever since Top Corner ended we have been denied the opportunity to watch South East Asian football on TV in the region.

I would like to have at least had the option to see the King's Cup. People in Singapore would perhaps like the option of seeing Ridhuan wowing the Arema fans and Thais perhaps would like to see how Suchao has been getting on.


Or perhaps there is no market.

But seriously, is there a market in the region to watch America's Greatest freaking Dog? Or watching fat people trying to lose weight so they can be called a loser? Or Randy Jackson going 'yeah, dude, check it out, bizarre season, check it out, hear this dude' without a teleprompter.

But then what we see isn't dictated by what we want. It's by what sponsors want. So the fact that we don't get to see any regional football is because accountants and marketing people at the multi nationals don't see the point.

Imagine. People in Jakarta watching the V League. Or in Singapore watching the ISL. Or in Malaysia watching the TPL.

Budget airlines...Japanese or Korean car phone service providers...

But oh no. Better we watch fatties huffing and puffing 'cos it's what the companies want.

There are convoluted ways of watching Thai football on your computer, but prepare to give yourself eye strain watching 22 miniscule figures running around the pitch in a 4 inch by 4 inch viewing box!

Not to mention the heart stopping moments, like when the stream buffered during the FA Cup final penalty shoot out!

Seriously though, it'd be great if you could see games from the different Asian Leagues on TV. Get your mate Dez Corkhill to lobby ESPN/Star to re-instate 'Top Corner'.

Haven't ESPN/Star lost the rights to EPL in some SE Asia countries? You think they'd be desperate for some football to show!
all down to sponsors, even for top corner

never mind, we do get us college cheerleading once in a while...

the whole streaming thing has never appealled to me

off to see pipat out for new interview
ESPN/Star have always been very supportive of local football in the past. They've been showing Thai domestic games since 2006 on The Top Corner and Football Crazy. And they are always very positive about things.

It is all down to sponsors, available airtime and the individual producers. However, with someone like Dez Corkhill, and one or two others behind the scenes, around there's always a chance that we'll be seeing SE Asian games on the network again in the very near future.

Watch this space
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