Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Door still open for Malaysian team

While the SLeague has gone ahead with a French and Chinese team they have not ruled out a Malaysian team joining in the future. But not 2010. Apparently a 'couple of technicalities' have yet to be sorted out.

What are these 'technicalities' exactly? Why aren't we told? If it's money then say it's money. If it's players say it's players. If it's because the Malaysians couldn't handle kicking off an hour earlier than at home then say so.

Don't treat people like idiots. There is an omerta that hangs round Jalan Besar that isn't healthy for the future of Singapore football.

We live in a time of greater transparency around the world, much of it brought on by the rise of the internet, yet why do some people cling on to the notion that us, mere plebs, shouldn't be party to information?

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