Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Beijing Duck to be boycotted?

The good folk at Kallang Roar are more than a little peeved to see that Chinese side Beijing Guoan have been successful in their application to join the SLeague which kicks off in less than two weeks.

Indeed they have been going so far as saying will boycott the Chinese team's games. Not that anyone would notice I don't suppose. Attendances for Dalian Shide games back in 2008 were so small the MC used to read the names of the fans to the players before kick off.

If you're going to have foreign teams in a league then at least attract teams from countries with large minorities in the place. In Singapore's case that would mean Malaysia or Indonesia. Chinese teams have come and gone before, using leaving a bad taste in the mouth, hence the current apprehension in certain quarters.

But better still concentrate on the local stuff.

Hi "me",

It's just a matter of reaching to folks staying around the ground.

In fact, some local clubs find it tough to get their support from the vicinity they based (as I was once told some relevant grassroot group would distance themselves away for some reasons)

There's actually a huge Chinese expat population here, which the "pioneer" Sinchi boasted they "would be their fan-base" and that's something that never materialize!
It's just a matter of reaching to folks staying around the ground.

which has never been done - by any team in singapore. see my earlier post about muangkan in thailand
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