Wednesday, August 12, 2009


No news is good news for Persija?

A couple of weeks back Persija suddenly found themselves being 'taken over' by a private investor. At the time I spoke to a couple of people close to the club and they were reluctant to say too much, preferring to bide their time.

Now the investor has pulled out after internal conflicts that refused to die down, he has taken his money to Persikad, and Persija must now go cap in hand to the local government.

All this uncertainty has meant that no coach has been installed and no players signed up. Meaning other clubs circling, hoping to take advantage of the mess in Jakarta. Abanda Herman has already moved on, joing Ponaryo Astaman and Hendro Kartiko at Copa winners Sriwijaya and, perhaps not coincidentally, knocking a fair whack off the wage bill.

But all eyes have been on Bambang Pamungkas and Ismed Sofyan, both long time servants of Persija. Both Persib and Sriwijaya have been interested in the Indonesian internationals but they have been reluctant to commit themselves.

Perhaps they have been biding their time and waiting for offers from Persija? Certainly were they both to leave the Jakmania would be none too impressed. Both players are icons within the club and Bambang has gone so far as to say Persija are 'like family'.

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