Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Tampines won the East Coast Derby last night, defeating Geylang United 1-0 in front of another shite crowd of less than 1,000.

It is worth bearing in mind the AFC will soon be requiring leagues to have an average attendance of 5,000 before they will allow teams to enter the Champions League. And that would be bye bye Singapore.

i'm not surprised by the attendances of the past few games since the fasting month started on saturday.

i guess most muslims who go to these matches were at the mosque doing the 'terawih' prayers instead of the stadium this time.

hmm, but can anybody confirm that this trend was the same for past seasons?
i was hoping one of you guys could tell me that faris.

that's what, five consecutive games with three figure attendances...
i guess its set to continue till hari raya.
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