Thursday, July 23, 2009


Would Gonzales thrive in Singapore?

I know it's hypothetical but were DPMM succeed in taking Christian Gonzales to Singapore would he be as successful there as he has been in Indonesia? A post on Kallang Roar got me thinking about that one.

Success in one league, or indeed in one club, doesn't always mean the same degree of success is guaranteed elsewhere.

Gonzales is a deadly finisher. That's about it. He needs delivery and in his spell with Persik he was able to rely on Ronaldo Fangundez, Budi Sudarsono and Danilo Fernando to lay things on a plate for him.

Likewise at Persib he had the likes of Eka Ramdani, Lorenzo Cabanas and Hilton Moreira supplying the ammo. All he had to do was find a yard of space, something he excels at, and the chances are the keeper would be picking the ball out the net.

But does Singapore have creative players like the aforementioned? DPMM are reknowned less for their silky skills or more for a robust approach, something that also appeals to the Uruguayan.

Defences of course are different with the SLeague being unfailingly polite while in Indonesia the two footed challenge lives on and attacking players are reknowned for their ablity to swivel and twist in mid air after being sent into orbit by defensive destroyers that make Norman Hunter and Ron Harris look like pussies.

Perhaps at SAF where Aleksander Duric seemingly pops in goals with the minimum of effort.

Hi "Me",

Similar case before Duric was a guy by the name Jon Angelucci (played for SAFFC, Woodlands and Sengkang).

While with the Warriors and Rams, Jon was able to perform well with the ball provided to him

But different story while he was at Hougang where the lack of quality service had to make Jon dropped deep behind to ger the ball himself ..
good comparison, thks
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