Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thais in Indonesia

Wasan Sankpurn Persik 2005
Jetsada Jitsawad Persibat 2005
Sakda Joemdee Persibat 2005
Tanasit Thong In PSS 2005
Anucha Chausri Mojokerto Putra 2005
Phaitoon Thiabma Persijap 2006-2009
Manit Noyvach Persijap 2006
Kosin Hathairattanakul Persib 2006
Worawut Wangsawat Persikab 2007

Taken from Top Skor. Kosin is by far the highest profile Thai to have played here and is fondly remembered by the Persib fans. I also understand he would not mind coming back. Phaitoon has been here the longest while most of the rest did their thing at lower division clubs.

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