Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sriwijaya looking to Singapore

Rahmad Darmawan, the Sriwijaya coach who has led his side to three trophies in the last two seasons, is considering his options regarding the two Asian players he can use to complete his squad for next season.

Under the new regulations teams in the ISL can have three foreigners plus two Asian players. The Copa winners already have Kieth Kayamba, Zah Rahan and Anoure Obiora signed up. Now they are loking to Asia.

Sriwijaya have been linked with a few Thais recently, doncha love the way clubs are so open about who they covet? Total contrast to the likes of Wenger who like to keep mum.

Now Darmawan has mentioned the Singaporeans he is interested in. Precious Emujeraye the Woodlands Wellington defender is one. Funnily enough he was offered to Indonesian sides last December but no one went for it.

Itimi Dickson is another name on Darmawan's list. Currently with Home United he spent time with Persitara and was keen to come back last season but priced himself out of a move.

Noh Alam Shah, the Tampines Rovers striker, is the third name on the list. Personally I would love to see him play here. Just what would he have made of Ernest Jeremiah's headbutt of the ref during the recent Copa final? NAS deserves a bigger stage than Uncle Popper in the SLeague, he has all the makings of a big stage player and perhaps, finally, this is his chance?

Sriwijaya are also interested in three Persija players. They had given a deadline of today to Ponaryo Astaman, Ismed Sofyan and Bambang Pamungkas but there are indications the costs are too high and they are now looking elsewhere. To Pelita Jaya midfielder Firman Utina and Persitara striker Rahmat Rivai who also interests Persik.

Most of course could be bollocks but it feels good to be talking about football again!

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