Friday, July 24, 2009


Selangor call for foreigners return

KUALA LUMPUR: Newly crowned Malaysian Super League champions Selangor have declared their determination to shine in next year’s AFC Cup.

Team manager Zakaria Ab Rahim told the local media that Malaysia’s most popular club would now strive to make an impression in continental competitions.

“It’s time to move forward and be counted in Asia,” said Zakaria. “We have to start preparing early and have to strengthen the squad with foreign players if we are to make a strong impression in the AFC Cup.”

“We will submit our proposal to the FA of Malaysia (FAM) to open the doors to foreign players again. We have to raise the bar in our own league first. Our league is ranked 18th in Asia behind Indonesia (12) and Singapore (8).

“Teams should move forward all the time. Our aim is to make it to the AFC Champions League. It is quite lucrative to play in the AFC Champions League with US$7mil prize money up for grabs. There is money to be made in every stage.

“We are serious about elevating our standards and hope to move up from the AFC Cup.”
The Red Giants, as Selangor are known, have won the Charity Sheild and FA Cup this season and are looking to win the Malaysia Cup as well to sweep all the four Malaysian football trophies.

COMMENT - Certainly Selangor are one of a handful of sides from this regions who could become regional powers given the will along with Persib and Persija. They have large fan bases and once they find a way to tap into them there is no reason why they could not start challenging teams from Japan and South Korea...

Agree. Though it will be difficult for any ASEAN teams to be continental powers unless their domestic leagues greatly improve. ASEAN football needs radical innovation - like what happened when the J-League, A-League, MLS and IPL(cricket)launched for football in the region to be on par with the East Asian nations. I personally would love to see a ASEAN Super League with "franchises" in KL, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, HMC, etc.
not sure about the franchise bit though!

an asean club league would be good but difficult t schedule given current domnestic competitions but then if basketball can do it i don t see why football cant

the biggest sea change needed in the game in this region, imho, is kick the politicians out of the game and have professionals take charge

part time pollies will never have the good of the game at heart...
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