Wednesday, July 22, 2009


New imports inspire Balestier Khalsa

Balestier Khalsa v Young Lions 2-1 (Oh In Kyun, Jamie Pitt; Madhu Mohana) 1,452

New signings Oh In from South Korea and Jamie Pitt from Wollongong Community, sorry but are they NSW State League or lower, scored the goals that gave the Tigers just their second win of the season. Their last three points came in a home win over Geylang United back in March.

They remain rooted to the bottom of the table on 12 points, two behind Young Lions who sit 11th.

It was the Korean's second goal since arriving from K2 side Yesan, he is already second top scorer with them, while Pitt was making his debut last night.

UPDATE - thanks to ruce for pointing out that Woollongong Community are a continuation of Woollongong Wolves from the old NSL days. I saw the Wolves play a few times, their stadium was at the delightfully named Fairymeadow and they had former Tottenham and Manchester United striker Alan Brazil guest for them on a couple of occassions. Would be nice to see a Woollongong presence in the A League...

Wollongong Community FC (formerly Wollongong Wolves) are currently in 12th place in the 12-team NSW Premier League, the State's highest football tier.

Above the State League tiers in Australia sits the A-League, Australia's national football league.
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