Thursday, July 23, 2009


More Indonesian friendlies?

It's a slow work day...

I'm not sure of the status of the friendlies against Malaysia and China which were scheduled for next month but the Indonesian FA are still looking at preparing the national team for the sian Cup qualifying ties against Kuwait in November.

There is a good chance they will play Saudi Arabia at the end of August while a game against Syria is being pencilled in for early November.

The last time Indonesia played the Syrians was in the last World Cup qualifying round when they came off distinctly second best, losing 4-1 at home and 7-0 in Damascus.

Still n all, China, Saudi Arabia and Syria are just the sort of opponent Indonesia needs to pitt themselves against.

Interesting how Indonesia plans to host Syria in Jakarta, fly to Kuwait for the Asian Cup qualifier, then come back home for the second.

You'd figure they would be able to save some cash by playing Syria away, not to mention getting used to conditions in the region.
one report has all home games, including malaysia and china, cancelled so syria would be away

perhaps your contact can spread some light on this?
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