Thursday, July 30, 2009


Mardiansyah moves

Odd one this. While the ISL clubs run round looking for that elusive striker that will net them 20 goals a season Mardiansyah has quietly moved to pastures new.

Mardiansyah was the Premier League's top scorer last season hitting 15 goals as he led his side Persikabo to a top four place unfortunately falling at the play off hurdle.

Now comes a report he has signed for Persikad. Another Premier League side, they finished in the bottom half of the table last time round, 16 points behind Persikabo.

I don't know much about Mardiansyah. His age, his background. But odd that someone who was so prolific last season should not have a queue of suitors knocking down his door.

Then again neither did Marcio Souza (Persela).

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