Friday, July 31, 2009


The Kop Comes to Asia - and the complaints flood in

THE Football Association of Singapore (FAS) said last night that it was "shocked and disappointed" with the organisers of the Liverpool visit.

In my view, this pretty much sums up how many football fans feel since Liverpool mauled the Lions 5-0 at the National Stadium. Not because the national team lost, but because of the lack of respect shown to the host nation and its fans.

And most certainly, not by Carragher, Torres, Alonso or any of the Reds. But by the event promoters.Citing a couple of breaches to their agreement with Strategic Sports Investments, an arm of the Profitable Group, as well as several "other issues that have been brought to our attention", the FAS said in a strongly worded statement that it would "take up the matter with the promoters".

In fact, the FAS warned bluntly that "appropriate actions" would be taken.And rightly so, I say.One of the biggest bones of contention during the match at the National Stadium was over why the national anthem was not played yet Liverpool's famous You'll Never Walk Alone received airtime twice before kick-off, even as the guest-of-honour, President S R Nathan, was on the pitch.

The FAS said last night: "Since this match was not an 'A' international match played between two national teams, FAS and the promoters had agreed that the Singapore national anthem and the Liverpool club 'anthem' would not be played as part of the official match ceremony.

"We were shocked and disappointed when this agreement was breached when the Liverpool anthem was played immediately after the introduction of our guest-of-honour to the two teams."I was there at the National Stadium and I was among those who were surprised, and even disappointed, that the Majulah Singapura was not played.

Sure it was not an "A" international, but it was at the National Stadium, it was the national team, it was a largely Singaporean crowd and the head of state was the guest of honour. The Majulah Singapura would have united the crowd and motivated Radojko Avramovic's men.

The FAS also took issue with the promoters for failing to "give fair coverage and support to the Lions during the pre-match segments". As for the other issues brought to the attention of the FAS: I know of an ugly incident at the VIP stand involving the promoters and was told of another involving their security personnel behaving unprofessionally.

While Liverpool entertained the 50,000-strong crowd at the stadium, I'm afraid Strategic Sports Investment have disappointed many of them.

Hands up all those who are surprised ... so we can smack you.
steve macmahon is probably laughing all the way to the bank
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