Friday, July 31, 2009


Indonesian football news - you decide!

Elie Aiboy was confirmed signed with IPL side Pro Duta a couple of weeks back. Now today comes a story that Persib may have a natter with him while they are in Malaysia for tonight's friendly between Selangor and Persib. Indonesian international Aiboy played half of last season with the Malaysians and half with PSMS.

Yesterday it was gleefully announced that Indonesia would cancel all upcoming friendlies for their national team and coach Benny Dollo was quoted as agreeing, saying they weren't necessary as they were planning a training camp anyway. Today they are talking about playing Syria and trying to find more opponents, prioritising what the call Central Asia tho I think they mean the Middle East...

Central Asia? Is there a Borat Cup we haven't heard about?

my mistake - should have been middle east.

borat, ali g and bruno can rest easy
BP and Ismed are confirmed by Sriwijaya, that they will play for for Ambassa Guy, I met him in HK, was talking to him, he said, he still considering Sriwijaya moves....

Btw mate, Iam in HK now, watching the spurs vs south china on sunday....and im gonna wear my Arsenal shirt!

Dave Semarang in HK now
what are you doing in hk?

what s happening with your lot psis?
got stuff to do in HK and i think im loving it here.

Btw, there is confusing report about BP, sriwijaya now claims that Boas and ortisan are asking the them for one package deal lol

PSIS..well they be back...soon! with El cachi (i wish)
something wrong with PSIS mate, they were trying the pure "football & business" but failed miserably...they even set up a PSIS store near my house..but no one come and buy, because they sucks at ISL. They not even relying a single penny from the government money...100% are from shareholders and local semarang businessman...
bp has been in malaysia the last few days

the reason something went wrong with psis last season was they went into the season with a budget smaller than what i spend on beer in a year...

get the players doing the business on the pitch then the shop will be full
Last year they spent only 6 billion rupiah in total, with half of it comes from PT Lintas and its associates...and even the ex-manager sold his car for PSIS...LOL.
whos the coach for this season?

banur should never have signed aaron last season, i could have done better than him...
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