Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Indo agent looks at Singapore

Local FIFA registered agent Edy Syahputra sees plenty of opportunities for Singaporean players to ply their trade in Indonesia, especially following the introduction of the 3 = 2 rule which says that two foreigners must be Asian.

Sriwijaya are still interested in Agu Casmir while rumours about Lionel Lewis moving to Persija persist. Syahputra, quoted in today's Top Skor, says he is prioritising 'Lewis, Baihakki Khaizan and Daniel Bennett' while national team striker Indra Sahdan Daud and Noh Rahman, both with Sengkang Punggol are both thought to be interested in moving south, perhaps encouraged by their team mate Abdoulaye Djibril who has played here in the past.

There are a couple of teething problems though before any transfers could go ahead. The Singapore season ends after the Indonesian one begins and also there will be the Asian Cup qualifiers to be factored in. Singapore are up against Thailand.

It's likely no Singaporean could actually play in the ISL until December at the earliest.

Until now the papers here have pretty well linked everyone of the Lions national team with a move but will any actually do it and folow in the footsteps of Fandi Ahmad, David Lee, Ahmad Latiff and Itimi Dickson?

Hi "Me"..

Perhaps for the case of Indra that he might want to check out the lodging provided if it's good enough to move his family there like what Fandi's having it now..

Surely, he would not want to end up like in Vietnam again :P

Lastly, with the 3+2 ruling is there any unhappy voice heard like it'll deprive local a chance to further enhance their skill like when they ban the import in the 1980s?
good points po hui. i m sure indra could have a fandi like palace if he pays for it himself. if not he ll be in a mess with the rest

to be fair the indonesians have rarely complained about the nuimber of foreigners and i think five, no matter what the formula is, is too many.

clubs have the choice, its up to them. the more i lok at malaysia the more i like what they have done recently with my team and harimau muda where young players are being given a chance

most of their team against man u came from thiose two sides

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