Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Greg Nwokolo

A couple of days back I mentioned how Persija striker Greg Nwokolo had signed for Sriwijaya. Trooper Bari commented that I had been hasty and that Pelita Jaya were also interested in the Nigerian and he was right. However I now understand that Nwokolo has committed himself to Persija for another season as have Ismed Sofyan, Bambang Pamungkas and Robertinho.

I was also advised Persija were interested in signing a new keeper but that nothing would be decided till a new coach was installed.

Some interesting names are in the frame for the coaching position...

Greg has yet to decide whether he will stay at Persija or join Sriwijaya. He will go to Frankfurt for tryouts with one of clubs there.

I talked to his agent, and he said that Greg would join Sriwijaya if the club still opens its door for him. If Sriwijaya doesn't bother to wait him, then he may stay in Persija, off course with condition.
apparently he met with club managemnet on monday and told them he would be staying!

who knows eh?
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