Friday, July 31, 2009


Been wondering about Nwokolo?

I guess the former Persija striker failed his trials in Europe. Now his agent is bigging up his move to Sriwijaya despite earlier reports that indicated the Copa winners already had their three foreigners. If a move to Palembang fails there's always Persiba...

But then this story has Anoure Obiora being replaced by Persija's central defender Herman Abanda saying it's difficult to find Asian players?

Confusing eh?

I dont like him at all, hes kinda a one man show kind of player. when he played for PSIS, he fought with his team mates after the game...and lots of his team mates complain about his arrogance and "RnB wannabe stlye"...

if his coach at PSIS could say during his contract in PSIS, he could comparing Greg with Beckham...more into celebrity lifestlye than football....

Dave Semarang
he did pretty well for persija last season despite going a few months without getting paid
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