Monday, June 29, 2009


Sriwijaya claim back to back Copas

Oh dear. Once again Indonesian football attracts the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In yesterdays Copa final the game was cancelled after 60 minutes after Persipura players ulked 'cos they weren't given a penalty when they felt they deserved one. Ernest Jeremiah was red carded, everyone blamed the ref and they walked off.

Yep, the Champions of Indonesia, the best team in the country by far, walked off the field 'cos a decision didn't go their way.

These guys could be representing Indonesia in the ACL next season. Are they going to walk off in places like Japan and Australia just 'cos they disagree with the ref? What great ambassadors they would be!

For two hours (!) they sulked in the dressing room before the game was finally awarded to Sriwijaya 4-0.

The final, along with the 3rd/4th place play off, was played in Palembang at Sriwijaya's home stadium. Not the best of ideas, not sure why a neutral venue wasn't selected.

Oh well...

Why not a neutral venue?

Simple, they wanted people to turn up. Supporters from Papua were already all but guaranteed not to show up, so they might as well assure themselves of a sell-out by playing in Palembang.

Re: Persipura -- Kick the bums out. Champions League places go to Persiwa and Persib, and Persipura gets a 1-year ban from the Copa.
i agree about kicking em out the acl...
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