Monday, June 29, 2009


Singapore v Thailand 1-4

Went to see Singapore take on Thailand in this Under 14 competition and the Thais wiped the floor with the hosts. Singapore went into the game on a bit of a high after losing 2-1 to Iran with Hanafi scoring the goal. Cue the headlines the next day calling him the new Indra.
Having seen Indra later on that evening I think I could be the new Indra!

The Thais were impressive especially going forward. And in their number 10 they look to have a real gem. Well, he could be in another 10 years time.

He could scored twice. His first was a sublime sidefoot volley from 25 yards out. A real quality finish. His second, after the break, was a straightforward freekick driven with power straight through the keeper.

The Thai number 9 was also a handful. Small but pacy, give him a few more pounds and he will be a lot harder to knock off the ball.

After the game I was interested in looking for som AYG souvenirs. I mean it makes sense dunnit. Sell some t shirts, that sort of stuff. But there was nothing available. Only at shopping malls which is useless to me 'cos I don't do malls!

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