Saturday, June 27, 2009


Chula United v Pattaya United 1-1

Dunno how best to describe this. The first half was yawnsville, second half caught fire and how. For the two bottom teams in the TPL both teams will probably be happy with the point and with all and sundry blaming the ref I guess everyone goes home feeling dead chuffed.

Chula took the lead second half when the Pattaya keeper failed to hold a well struck shot from outside the area by some geezer who may well have been Thai. Then Pattaya had a player sent off which upset them so much one of the drunken expat grizzlies jumped on the pitch for a moment or two.

One of the coaching staff packed up the balls and made a big deal of walking down the tunnel to applause from both sets of fans while his team walked off and stood on the touch line looking suitably aggrieved while various other officials berated anybody and everybody who would or wouldn't listen.

All very unedifying and I symbolically packed my camera away. It looked like the football had finished and I can't be arsed with dummy chuckers.

Pattaya eventually came back on the pitch having achieved nothing at all and then knock me down with a feather the 10 men from Sin City equalised. They played much better after the red and indeed the whole atmosphere had been lifted inside Chulalongkorn Stadium following the walk off.

A Chula player went down in the penalty area and pleaded for a spot kick. Instead he got a red from the ref perhaps anxious not to upset the whole of Pattaya and ruin his next holiday there.
There was even time for an 8 minute injury time and one more red card for another Pattaya player but this time no one cared. They'd got a point and had even scored a goal, their seventh on 15 games.

At the end, as is the Thai custom, both sets of players approached the opposing team's fans and gave them a jolly good wave as they stood their and milked the applause. The Chula players serenaded their fans, surprised they had the energy, before then being sang back at and the whole 'we love you all' tosh ended up with some kind of anthem which was sung by the fans while standing still. As in nobody from their side of stadium moved much.

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