Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What happened Persija?

They were title challengers coming in to the second half of the season. Victories at home to Persela (1-0) and Persiwa (6-1) showed the Kamayoran Tigers meant business as they sought their first domestic title since 2001. And then? And then it went tits up.

Three weeks after the Persiwa game they traveled to Kalimantan for a couple of games. First up was a 2-2 draw against a struggling PKT followed by a 2-0 reverse against an improving Persiba. Their first defeat in eight games and perhaps the day the wheels came off Persija's title campaign.

That was on 7 March. Thanks to the political campaigning that brought football to a standstill they didn't play again until the end of April. A 2-2 draw at Arema in Malang was an away game. A 2-2 draw against PSM at the same stadium was an away game as the powers that be decreed Jakarta should be football free for the rest of the season. Home was now where ever they could find a stadium as Persija buckled under the lack of games and the lack of support.

Away games at Pelita Jaya and Persik ended in defeats. Narrow defeats but still defeats and Persija who had been riding high early February now were in May and in freefall.

Another 'home' game in Malang and this time Sriwijaya triumphed, 4-3 despite Persija taking the lead. Four days later a rare triumph amid the gloom as Persija travelled to bottom club PSIS and emerged triumphant with three points and a 1-0 butthey had to look to Abanda for the goal as their previously prolific strike force of Bambang, Greg Nwokolo and Aliyudin had dried up. But a hollow victory for a side that had seen its hopes of 2nd placed dashed by the recent run.

Next up was Persipura who defeated them 3-1 in another home game and coach Danurwindo must have been in a state of shock. Factors off the field had surely cost Persija on it and he was in damage control as he sought an emphatic performance from his beleaguered troops.

Persijap away ended 1-1 with Greg Nwokolo scoring for Persija. Another away game, this time against Persita, ended 1-1.

Their season ends with four home games. In Malang. Deltras, PSMS and Persitara are mired in a relegation dogfight while Persib have their eyes set on second place and a stab at Aian football next season. A spot Persija had once so desperately strived for.

Persija still have the opa Indonesia to play for. But there is scant consolation to be found there. Should they beat Deltras in the quarter finals they come up against bogey side Persipura in the semis.

Hey Anthony !
Thanks for taking us along to the Persita VS Persela game last Thursday. Great to finally see some live action albeit muddy. I'm surprised more people don't get out to watch the games live. Nice photos BTW , we'll have to catch up for an ale and discuss how i might be able to use a few on my site.
Cheers - Andi
always up for a coldie or six...
What happened?

2 words - Ponaryo Astaman.

I am surprised Persija still keeps him in the line up. His form has been abysmal this season save for one or two spectacular performances.

I am pretty sure that Ponaryo will still get called to the national squad despite his poor performances.
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