Friday, May 15, 2009


Surat to Melbourne

Champions Melbourne Victory have signed Thai international Surat Sukha from Chonburi. The 26 year old defender has played 14 times for the Thai national side and is the first Thai to have a go in the A League.

Given the Manchester City fever that swept Thailand for a few weeks after Thaksin Shinawatra bought them one wonders, doesn't one, whether either the Thais or Victory, daft name by the way, will seek to cash in on his presence downunder?

Lots of reports here about this since the news was announced yesterday - all positive.

Thought the following opinion blog on the SBS "The World Game" website might be of some interest. It shows just the sort of favourable reaction the Surat Sukha signing is generating here.
after months of seeing their best player heading to chilly chinese cities it must have proved a relief to australians that can still attract quality players

and no im not talking about robbie fowler
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