Monday, May 18, 2009


Iran announce Indonesian friendlies

Persian Football has announced Indonesia will be heading to Iran next week to play a couple of friendlies against the national team and the Under 23s.

They had initially planned to play the Thais but then someone noticed they had a full schedule domestically. Funnily enough so do the Indonesians.

I don't have the ISL schedule to hand at the moment but I don know there are fixtures scheduled for this Thursday and this weekend. Getting to Tehran would be a tough ask.

I have not seen this fixtures announced locally but then that is not surprising. I am making enquiries elsewhere but for the moment am not treating it too seriously

Thanks to Jonny on the heads up on this...

UPDATE - just spoken with someone at the FA and they said that while they are aware of the story there is no plan to send Indonesia to Iran.

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