Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Germain Bationo (Mitra Kukar)

The problem with trying to cover the Premier League here in Indonesia is that nobody else really does so it is difficult to even copy and paste.

But I have been intrigued by the comparatively large number of google's I have been getting regarding Germain Bationo, the Mitra Kukar striker. And they have all come from Australia. Does this mean there is interest in the player down under? Does it mean I have too much free time? Would you put this story on the back page?

Bationo is 24 years old and comes from Burkino Faso in West Africa. He's been in Indonesia for four seasons now, initially playing with Persikaba Badung where he spent two seasons.

In 2007 he moved to Sumatra to join Persih Tembilahan where he stayed about 18 months. In the second half of the last season he joined Persitara North Jakarta, his only time in the top flight, before joining the ambitious Mitra Kukar this season.

He has netted 12 times this season, including a hat trick against PSM in the Copa Indonesia and is his side's leading scorer.

Mitra Kukar, based on the island of Borneo, are currently in the play offs as they fight for a spot in the Indonesia Super League and this afternoon they play Persebaya.

So what about Bationo? Is he bound downunder?

Interesting - there is a school of thought here that the SE Asian leagues could be a goldmine of cheap, decent quality players for the A-League. I havent heard of any clubs being linked to this guy though... googling could well suit Newcastle's scouting methods though.
maybe surat sukha will be the first of many

it can also be a two way street with robbie gaspar one of a handful of aussies in south east asia
If Sukha does well this season i think we will definatley see more Asian players coming into the A-League. The coach seems to have plenty of faith that he will be a good player for us. The A-League is an excellent shop window to eventually get these players into Europe as well.
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