Sunday, May 31, 2009


Chonburi v Muang Thong United 2-5

A thoroughly deserved victory for the visitors. I thought they played some great football at times. Even when we went two up I didn't feel comfortable.

I posted on the Thaifootball Forum last season that they were one of the best teams I've seen in the Thai Leagues and they underlined that today. Can they maintain it? Well if this reult doesn't give them the confidence that they need to launch a serious bid for the title I don't know what will.

I felt our, normally solid, defence looked a little shaky today and our marking at set pieces was non existent. No excuses though the better team won and, if I'm being honest, the final score didn't flatter them.

I hope that this doesn't sound like sour grapes but up until MTUFC went in front neither physio had been on the pitch. However, as soon as they took the lead, the Utd players were going down easier and more often than some of the local working girls. Why? They were easily the better side on the day and didn't need to do this. It took a bit of the gloss off for me.

A shame really but well done, Muang Thong.Credit too to the visiting fans. About 3/400 (less than I was expecting but still a good turnout) get up a barrage of noise from start to finish. Even when their team were behind they kept singing. I've always been slightly suspicious of orchestrated chanting accompanied by choreographed moves, especially when everyone is dressed exactly the same, but it was an impressive sight.

At least other results went our way so it hasn't done too much damage. I fully expect us to get 9 points from our next three games. And I don't envy Jula Utd. They'll certainly feel the full force of the backlash on Saturday!

One final thing. As I was leaving the ground in the dark, via the muddy car park cold, wet and disappointed I experienced a strange, warm glow. I'd suddenly been transported back to a time when I would trudge away from Boundary Park with similar feelings on a regular basis. I was reminded what it's like to be a football fan : )

Stretcher count : (before MT took the lead) Chonburi 0 Muang Thong 0
(after MT took the lead) Chonburi 0 Muang Thong 4 + 6 visits from the trainer
Ref watch : I thought he had a good game. One of the better refs I've seen.

Thanks to Sri Racha Shark for this match report

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