Monday, April 20, 2009


On the road...again

OK, this is the latest but it may change again.

Clubs who insist on playing their games at their own stadiums will be responsible for getting the requisite police permission. If they can't get the permission for the regular stadium then they have to find a new stadium. If they can't do that then they forfeit the game 3-0 to the visitors.

I don't know if this is retroactive and includes Persija's non game against PSMS last Friday or not or PSIS against Persija today.

Talking about PSIS. If they and other Central Java teams cannot play in their own province then they should rearrange to Yogyakarta.

Some fixtures will be centralised starting next month. It was going to start last wekk but someone decided to change all that and look at the mess we're in now.

My local side Persikota will now have to play their games in Bandung if the local police don't give permission which is a joke. No bugger turns up at the Benteng Stadium anyway beyond a few African players and me.

Hi Mate, thought you'd like to check it out :
Maybe it's not as fancy as the Leonardo De Caprio's version or The Green Street Hooligans, but at least we have another story to tell the world about Indonesian Football drama :)) Cheers
yep, i met yusuf the other week - hopefully see the movie soon as well
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