Saturday, April 18, 2009


Indonesian football descends into farce - again

Following Jakarta's decision not to allow any ISL games in the run up to the presedential election now East Java has done the same thing. Clubs affected will be Persik, Arema, Persela and Deltras. This just days after the area had been selected to host a barrage of games.

Now, in the interests of 'the greater good' football is all but being shelved because nobody can guarantee safety in the stadiums. And this despite the fact that the elections passed off largely without a hitch and despite the fact there have been perhaps two major incidents at ISL games this season.

And this country wants to charge fans 100 USD to see Manchester United on a pitch torn up by weeks of election rallies? This country wants to host the World Cup?

In fact will the United game even go ahead? The police have said no football in Jakarta...

Just wait ... there's another rescheduling coming down the pipe soon.

I hear East Java is off the hook, but now Central Java police aren't handing out permits.
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