Monday, March 09, 2009


Two keepers see red

Has this ever happened before? Sengkang Punggol tonight had two keepers sent off in their defeat at Tampines. First Joey Sim saw red on 45' then Amos Boon, who replaced him, went on 77'!

Goals from Noh Alam Shah and Sutee Suksomkit gave Tampines their first win of the season and saw them climb to 4th but three points behind early pace setters SAF and Gombak United.

I've seen one keeper get sent off and the other get injured ... don't know about two reds.

Had it happen in Champo, though. I was managing Scotland and both of Latvia's keepers got sent off, leaving Marian Pahars to play in goal. Only managed to score four or five, which was pretty pathetic.
This must be something of a record...
the first sent-off was justified but not the second which IMO was a 50-50, the ref was harsh then
ref was rubbish throughout the game. i think the 2nd one was a dive tbh.

more drama as alam shah stormed off the pitch into the dressing room because sutee refused to let him take the kick
Anthony, it happened before, perhaps in amateur league...
If this happens in the European or South American scene, I doubt the referee will be able to leave the stadium alive
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According to this story on Tribal Football'-s-league-win-231773

all is again now happiness and tranquility with Tampines.
never a dull moment with nas!
Another case of 2 Keepers sent of in the same game:
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