Thursday, March 19, 2009


Cha Bum Kun

I was interested to learn that the coach of ACL aspirants Suwon Bluewings is none other that Cha Bum Kun.

I didn't know much about Korea when I was growing up beyond what I saw on MASH but I did know the name of Cha Bum Kun.

Primarily of course because he was the first geezer I ever came across called Bum. For a teenage lad living the suburban nightmare that was hilarious, like a real life character in a Carry On movie.

He also happened to be the first Asian player I ever saw play. At the time he was playing for Eintracht Frankfurt and one night played played a European game against that lot from the far end of the Seven Sisters Road in Middlesex.

For some reason now long forgotten, selective memory perhaps, I went to the game. And saw Bum.

Later, much later, the first fully Asian game I saw featured South Korea and inded my first ACL game also involved a South Korean team.

How about that for a bunch of useless facts? And the opportunity to write Bum alot!

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