Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sriwijaya v Persib 3-1

What a great game of football. I have been planning on building up a library of DVDs featuring games in this region and this game would have taken pride of place. It hasn't happened yet but oh what a game. if it had ended 9-5 nobody could have complained.

Ngon A Djam gave Sriwijaya the lead, Budi Sudarsono made it 2. Gonzales netted for Persib but it was disallowed and Kayamba made it three just before half time with an old school centre forwards header from Budi's cross. Hilton netted a late goal for Persib to give them some hope but Indonesian football was the winner with this game. If only it had a bigger audience!

yeah i watched the game was nice if all of ISL matches are like this...great quality and really enjoyable to watch!
oh yeah..anyway i also planning to record the ISL and Copa Dji Sam Soe matches including the Indonesian NT matches too...i only have ACL champions league persik kediri vs sydney FC and Persik Kediri Vs Urawa Reds, also have final of 2008 Indonesian league and 2008 final copa dji sam soe
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