Monday, February 23, 2009



Balestier Khalsa v SAF 0-3 (Duric 2, Masahiro Fukasawa)

SAF prepared for Wednesday's ACL qualifier against PSMS by beating Balestier Khalsa with a pair from the recovered Aleksander Duric. Last week they beat the Thai side PEA 4-1 while on Friday PSMS beat Persiba bantul in the Copa Indonesia 5-1.

Wednesday night has all the makings of a 0-0 with one side qualifiying on penalties!

oh c'mon... spare me for that!
you re up early!
Hi Me,

Last month I saw 1 of your posts regarding DPPM joining the S-League. You mentioned that FIFA might not be happy if there is a 13th team for the S-League (of course in the end they were replacing Dalian). Don't quite understand why FIFA would be unhappy about having a 13th team in the S-League?

i think it s to do with having an even number of teams in a competition so each team has a game each wk and we don t have one side sitting on the sidelines
FIFA didn't raise a stink when MLS had an odd number of teams.

Of course, FIFA is hardly a bastion of consistency.
apparently they had a whinge when the malaysians did...
Yeah "me"..

Normally, I be up at 6+ in the morning to check the net before off to work..
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