Saturday, February 28, 2009


Salary budgets in the ISL

This came from a local sports tabloid and makes interesting reading. Basically how much each club spends on wages over the season. The number in brackets is their place in the ISL as of today.

1 - Persija 16.836 billion rupiah (3rd)
2 - Persik 15.495 (8th)
3 - Persib 14.265 (4th)
4- Sriwijaya 14.150 (2nd)
5 - Pelita Jaya 13.630 (9th)
6 - PSMS 11.585 (14th)
7 - Persipura 11.482 (1st)
8 - Persela 10.204 (7th)
9 - PSM 9.431 (10th)
10 - Persiba 8.958 (13th)
11 - Arema 8.326 (11th)
12 - Deltras 7.614 (18th)
13 - PKT 7.595 (15th)
14 - Persijap 6.070 (5th)
15 - Persita 5.515 (17th)
16 - Persiwa 5.205 (6th)
17 - Persitara 4.915 (12th)
18 - PSIS 2.221 (16th)

Do you know how accurate and current those amounts are likely to be?

Its interesting - there is a perception I have read in some Forums here that Indonesia pays players better than does the A-League.

However, on those figues, only Persiya and Persib would have paid more than the $1.9 million AUD (14.7155 billion IDR using an exchange rate of 7745 IDR = 1 AUD) that was the A-League salary cap for 2008/09.

Thus, whilst it may be true for some individuals that they earn better in Indonesia than they could in Australia, in a more general sense it seems unlikely that most Indonesian players would earn significantly more than most A-League players.
Sorry. My mistake. That should be Persija and Persik - not Persiya and Persib as I wrote.
In a country not always reknoned for its transparency these numbers and players indidvidual salaries do seem to get published with alarming glee.

I think, as we saw a couple of years back with Errol Iba, the best players maybe earn more here than they would do in stralia but there there may be a more equal distribution of money.

any luck iding on jb?
I haven't actually looked at jb for a little while - but will try and do some id'ing there later today. Or maybe tomorrow, cos my partner and I are heading off this evening to Canberra Stadium to watch the Australia - Kuwait Asian Cup qualifier.

Another full A-League squad. Should be a good game I think. Don't really care if it isn't tho - both of us just looking forward to the novelty and atmosphere of a big- game, full-house football match in Canberra. Its the first Australia international here since 1996 - so its a very rare sight for Canberra and we will just enjoy that and the result and style of the play won't worry us too much at all!! (Having said that - I DO expect Australia to win, although I have a pretty appalling record of tipping).
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