Sunday, February 08, 2009


Persikota v PSSB 1-1

Them there goals keep flowing. Yesterday I dragged myself and my hangover to the Benteng Stadium to take in the above game. Persikota have been in all sorts of trouble recently, threatening to withdraw from the IPL and suffering from a shortage of players.

They're in, a last minute reprieve from the mayor, but have struggled and yesterday's game was their fourth after the mid season break. They beat PSDS midweek but found the Bireuen side a much tougher proposition.

Fielding some of their new players on loan from PSMS as well as a couple of new signings in the squad, Persikota fell beind in the first half when Erick Saputra had the easiest tap in from about 17 inches. Even Bendtner could have scored.

Plenty of huffing and puffing from the home side in front of a subdued home crowd. In fact the atmosphere was almost Singaporean at times, never have I seen such a piss poor performance on the sparse terraces.

One of the new players, Epallah Yordan came off the bench second half and livened things up a bit up top and it was no surprise when Gunawan did finally equalise.

UPDATE - images can be found on Asian Football Pictures
Images to be added later.

I've just arrived in Jakarta from the UK and see Persija play on Wenesday and Persitara next Saturday. Any info on where these games will be played, kick off times etc. Any handy hints on going ?

Cheers J
I'll be at both games so if you wanna meet up feel free to e mail me

persija v persiwa 7pm at bung karno stadium,

persitara v deltras 3.30 at lebak bulus
in fact there is a possibility of a double header wednesday if persitara play at 3.30...
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