Monday, February 16, 2009


MSL results 14/01

ing My Team v Kedah 0-1
Johor v Perak 0-1
Kuala Muda v Penang 3-1
Perlis v Negeri Sembilan1-0
KL Plus v Selangor 1-3
PDRM v Pahang 1-4
Kelantan v Terengganu 3-2

Selangor and Kelantan went three points clear of the MSL after victories at the weekend. Both have 15 points from their six games. The Red Giants defeated surprise package KL Plus and Kelantang were made to battle for their three points in the north eastern derby. PDRM scored a goal which was no doubt a moment of great joy but they stay rooted to the bottom with nul points from their six games, four points behind second bottom placed side Penang.

1. Selangor 6 5 0 1 16-6 15
2. Kelantan 6 5 0 1 16-12 15
3. Negeri Sembilan 6 4 0 2 12-4 12
4. KL Plus 6 4 0 2 10-7 12

's a funnything but there's only been two draws this season on the ML and both featured 8th placed Johor. Now in't that odd?

Nice to see Perak get an away win - even if it was against the bottom-placed team!
they all count!
I know.

And I know Perak have issues with unpaid players etc, but I still follow them anyway.

Never been there actually - but I know there are some great birding sites and I can't wait to visit.
might be off to pulau dua next weekend if i can get my lens fixed in time
I hope you can get it fixed and that the weather is good for birding.

If you get any you are happy with, I'd be really interested in seeing any pics on your birding blog.

Asian birds are a real fascination of mine but I don't actually see many pictures of Indonesian birds. A friend of mine in Penang went to Sulawesi late last year and I really enjoyed the pictures she sent me of some of the birds there.
those last ones from bkk were poor, it was really overcast that morning but maybe yu could help with the ids of a couple?
Wasn't quite sure how to post a comment on your birding blog, so hope you don't mind this here.

The starling is a White-cheeked Starling (Sturnus cineraceus). According to my Robson Field Guide, its a vagrant to NW and C Thailand (which includes BKK), so you did well to spot it!

As best I can make out, the bulbul is probably a juvenile Streak-eared Bulbul (Pycnonotus blanfordi).

The Pond Heron could be either Indian or Chinese. In non-breeding plumage, all SE Asian Pond Herons are basically indistinguishable. Only these 2 species occur in Thailand - both are regarded as either vagrants or more probably, passage migrants. So again, you did well to spot this one.

Hope this is some use and that I'm not too far off-track with my IDs.
selangor won or did they lose 3-1?

haha they way you wrote, looks like they lost
wow...thanks for that bruce. so quick and I'm dead chuffed now.

Got a few others that need positive ids but they're not on line yet. i ll check when im in pulau dua next - the ranger there is awesome!
thx for spotting that - i ve been getting a bit feather brained recently!
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