Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kedah's Malaysian domination is over

Bojak Hodak is the coach of My Team and this morning he is one happy man after his young team put one over treble winners Kedah holding them to a 0-0 last night in the second round, second leg FA Cup tie.

He gave me his thoughts after the game when he was no doubt still buzzing!

One thing is sure in Malaysian football this season Kedah will not win a triple this season...
We have 3-4 great chanse in first half but thanks to poor finishing match was 0-0. second half 2 more chances including Norsharul Talaha 1v1 with kedah goalie n miss ....
than kedah scored from off side position and I know that they will complain about refs but they can only blame themselfs,
they have good players but playing English football from 70s...kick long ball and pressure....
true is that My Team was better in 2 matches

The 3rd round kicks off 3rd March with the second leg on 7th.

MyTeam vs Kelantan
T-Team vs Negri Sembilan
Harimau Muda vs Perlis
Perak vs Selangor

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