Monday, February 16, 2009


Indonesia misses out

The AFF have given this year's Under 16 competition to Thailand while Ho Chi Minh gets to host the Under 19s.

In more AFF news last years AFF Cup, won by Vietnam, saw an increase in attendances compared to the previous competition. It would be nice to see th actual attendances for each game but perhaps they are trade secrets?

And interestingly a survey was carried out during the tournament kast December and most fans were happy to see the current format with a qualifing stage, group stage and knock out stage.

I attended many games in both Jakarta and Singapore and don't remember seeing anybody doing any surveys.

There was also an official programme for the event but these were not made available to the general public. I scrounged mine off some guy who was invited into some corporate part of the stadium.

Is there no way team sheets can be made available for these competitions? Most fans would like to know who was actually playing on each side. Small matters like this help make events more professional but I guess all people are interested in is sponsorhsip revenue and viewing figures. Anything that makes the actual paying fan's experience more complete just ain't a priority.

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