Friday, February 13, 2009


Home away from home

With the Sleague starting next Monday Home United have been in Thailand doin a bit of bonding. They also played some football and lost 2-1 to Lamphun. They did better against Chiang Mai All Stars, thumping them 5-1.

They have also signed Itimi Dickson who has spent much of the last few months doing very little football wise. He finished 2007 with Persitara in the Indonesian league then priced himself out of a move back their before the current season started back in July.

Their fans are also having a bit of a whinge. With Bishan Stadium being renovated Home have been forced to find a new, umm, home. For 2009 they will be playing at Clementi Stadium which has some of their supporters moaning, saying it's too far and difficult to get to.

Like yeah, Singapore really does have a lousy public transport system eh?

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