Thursday, February 12, 2009


Bambang Pamungkas

With Indonesia firing blanks on the international stage, just a solitary own goal in their last five games, questions are being raised about the future of Bambang Pamungkas with more than a couple of people suggesting his days are finished. What bollocks.

Three goals for his team Persija in their last two games suggest otherwise. But rippling the net doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Persija coaching staff were busy during the mid season break trying to source a target man. Someone to take the work load off the man known as BP.

Too often Persija, and the national team, have taken to hoofing 40 yard passes forward hoping the 5’ 8’ striker can get the nod down. It’s a testament to his ability in the air that he often does.

Unfortunately when he does win the ball there is often little support near him. What he has needed has been a Bambang to flick the ball on to.

Persija coach Danurwindo has recognized this and signed Brazilian Fabio Lopez from Persib.

The first time I saw him, in a friendly against Pelita Jaya, he looked a fish out of water but in his first ISL game against Persela he impressed and it was his flick on that Bambang converted to secure the three points for the home side.

Bambang has much more to offer the side than just aerial ability. He is sharp on the ground, has quick feet and is a thoughtful intelligent footballer. Playing him as the focal point of the attack has been to waste many of his talents.

The Persija coach acted ruthlessly. Persija were already among the top scorers in the ISL and BP, Greg Nwokolo and terrace favourite Aliyudin figured prominently in the top scorers chart.

Danurwindo has dropped Aliyudin and, after two home games, has seen his side score seven goals, with a 6-1 mauling of fellow challengers Persiwa, and go one point clear.

The problem is Indonesia isn’t blessed with many strikers over 6 feet tall. I can think of none, hold on, a brief recount…yep, none. That’s why Persija went through six or seven before deciding on Lopez.

And that is why the national team needs at least to look at Sergio van Dijk, the Dutch striker with Indonesian heritage playing in Australia. He ticks all the boxes as a Fabio type striker and Indonesia owes it to their greatest footballing son, Bambang, to at least look for an effective foil for him.

Isnt there a young Indonesian striker that just signed with a Brazilian club named Jajang Mulyana. Last I read, he was about 186 cm.

Hows his progress coming along?
he is with Boavista in the 3rd division i think. last i heard he was gleefully sending pictures of himself and two others back to fandi and team showing them at maracana stadium ond the copacabana
Would SVD swap the A-League for Indonesia?

There's no chance of him getting an Indonesian passport any time soon, so it's a good thing Persija has a foreign spot open.
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