Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another bloody break?

The Indonesian Super League could well be looking at another break. The police in some regions are worried that they cannot provide adequate security for the upcoming elections in March as well as allow their officers to watch games free in fans seats. Sorry, ignore that last bit. What I meant to say was provide crowd control in and around football stadiums.

Every season the game here goes through a series of pauses. Every bloody year. It seems the people in charge are not able to plan for the future. Oh, and there will be another break at the end of March no doubt while the international team prepare for that vitally important friendly against New Zealand which comes just a few days before the parliamentary elections.

The 2008/2009 season started in July. There was a break of sorts during the fasting month in October when some teams hardly played, others played too many and everyone kicked off at 9pm. There was a break in November while the international team competed in the GRCC in Myanmar. There was a break in December for the AFF Cup. And there was a break in January for the Asian Cup qualifiers.

And all this coming after a 6 month mid season break!

We could be looking at another 13 month season here in cuckoo land.

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