Friday, February 27, 2009


3 + 2

The Indonesian FA have said they are considering having just three foreigners per club in the ISL next season plus two Asian players who must be full internationals.

Presently just about every club has five foreigners, mostly from Africa or South America. There is one Thai who plays for Persijap, Thaipoon, but nobody else springs to mind unless we include Aussie Robbie Gaspar at Persiba.

If adopted it could mean a mass exodus of players from these shores as clubs and agents scurry to familiarise themselves with the local game more and the unwanted look elsewhere.

Realistically, who would come here? Can't see many Chinese, Japanese or Koreans wanting to come. Not many Singaporeans could come, perhaps Noh Alam Shah. Are any Malaysians better than what is available here?

You might get one or two Thais heading south, maybe some Indians? Or the big names from the Philippines and East Timor?

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