Thursday, January 22, 2009


Results 21 January

Persija v Pelita Jaya 1-0 (Aliyudin) Friendly
PSPS V PSMS 0-0 Copa Indonesia (PSMS win 4-2 on agg)
Persikad v Persikabo 1-0 (Muhamed Husen) Copa Indonesia (Persikabo win 4-3 on agg)
Malaysia v UAE 0-5 (Mohammed Omar-29,45, Ismail Matar-63,76 Faisal Khalil-86) Asian Cup

China v Vietnam 6-1 Asian Cup
North Korea v Denmark XI 0-1 King's Cup
Thailand v Lebanon 2-1 King's Cup (Teerasil, Suchao; Mahmud El Ali)

COMMENT - The Malaysia coach Sathianathan says that domestic Malaysian football is rubbish and slammed the level of player's fitness after seeing his side slump embarrassingly at home to UAE in their first Asian Cup qualifier last night.

In the King's Cup Lebanon twice walked off the pitch during their 2-1 defeat against Thailand leading to on field punch ups which sounds a lot of fun. The ref ended up blowing early 'cos he was so fed up at the players' antics.

Another Asian Cup result - Hong Kong down 1-3 at home to Bahrain last night.

Not sure if I should voice an opinion - but I rather think the Malaysian coach could have equally well directed his remarks at the whole set-up in that country, not just the standard of football and the players.

Still - criticism is easy and one can only hope that change will be worked for and that MAS will one day return to a position of strength in SE Asian football.
football highlights...
malaysia looks like it needs the kind of overhaul australia went through before the a league - but that is highly unlikely
I agree - and like you, I think its unlikely.
And I actually think Malaysia is even more of a basket-case than the old football administration is Australia was.
malaysia were quite strong but consistently gone down hill. australia was going off 1974 and st george's nsl triumph!
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