Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Precious to Arema?

Singaporean international Precious Emuejeraye is still without a club. Rumours had linked him to big spenders Sengkang Punggol but now comes a report that Indonesian side Arema Malang are interested in the defender.

Coach Ghunul Yakin has had a busy mid season strengthening his squad but is also in need of a defender after Aaron moved to PSIS.

One Arema site links the Crazy Lions with a couple of African defenders, Marcelin Gaha and Boubacar Keita while not mentioning Precious.

After the write-up he got on Red Sports today, I'm surprised any one would be interested in him.

Good thing its only a reporter's opinion I guess. As with all opinions, I'm sure Precious will be able to gather alternative views if he needs or wants to impress potential employers!
mentioned about Indra and got a friend to translate the quotes rgd his release(from police force)to play for other club.

"i dont understand why its so hard for them to approve my one-year no pay leave so that i can play with another club", asked indra during a national team training recently, 

"if home does not want my service, why are they not releasing me?" asked indra

I guess he failed to understand it's not HU who holds the key but the police force..

if he's on "no pay".. he's still a civil servant that don't allow him to seek employment during that period..
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