Saturday, January 31, 2009


Persitara at risk

Persitara from North Jakarta are at risk of losing their professional license and being kicked out of the ISL. They have yet to appoint a suitably qualified coach, minimium A license, and have been told to inform the Super League on Monday what they intend doing about it.

It's been a barrel of laughs for the club this season. One coach quit before the season even began blaming lack of salary and interference. Another came in, waited for something better then moved on while lately they have been coached by a couple of lads.

Before the season began they hoped to play at the Bung Karno Stadium, think Rochdale playing at Old Trafford, and said they would never play at Lebak Bulus given it's associations with Persija, their bitter rivals.

After playing home games in Soreang and Solo they relocated to ... Lebak Bulus!

Their away game at Persiwa saw them buying tickets along the way, transit Makassar for an age and arrive a few hours before kick off in a climate they are not used to.

On Wednesday they are scheduled to play Persita in Delta Stadium, Sidoarjo. But will they still be in the league or will they get another stay of execution? And what must new signing Prince Bello Kabar be thinking about all this?

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